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Violent Crimes defense Lawyer in New Jersey

Jason A. Volet Criminal Defense Lawyer NJ

All criminal charges carry consequences in New Jersey, but none are more serious than violent crime charges such as murder, assault and battery, armed robbery and kidnapping. If you are facing charges like these, you can be assured that the prosecutors will give everything they’ve got to convict you. Contact our New Jersey violent crimes lawyer today.

You need someone to fight hard for your rights. At the Law Office of Jason A. Volet, we stand up for individuals who have been accused of violent crimes in New Jersey. Our goal is to prevent a conviction and take every step within the law to reach the most positive outcome in your case.

Attorney Jason A. Volet knows how the prosecution works. He saw it from the inside when he worked as a prosecutor in Monmouth County. His insights from that experience can provide an advantage to individuals facing violent crime charges.

Here are a few of Jason A. Volet’s many credentials:

  • He has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney.
  • He has more than 15 years of experience in handing all types of criminal charges, including felonies.
  • He is a former assistant prosecutor in Monmouth County.
  • He has handled more than 2,000 cases as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.
  • His law practice focuses exclusively on criminal defense.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges related to a violent crime, contact Mr. Volet now so he can review your situation and give you advice about your best legal options. The initial consultation is free, completely confidential and comes without any strings attached.

Contact Jason A. Volet, New Jersey violent crimes defense lawyer now for a free case evaluation.

Violent Crime Charges in New Jersey

Armed RobberyIndividuals who are accused of violent crimes may face serious penalties if convicted and may lose important personal and professional freedoms. Persons who are facing violent crime charges have a right to defend themselves and their livelihood in court.

Serious crimes require serious representation.  Find out how Jason A. Volet will do everything possible within the confines of the law to prevent conviction.

The Law Office of Jason A. Volet is prepared to help explain your legal options and formulate your defense. We have experience with cases involving assault and battery, armed robbery, murder and homicide, and kidnapping. No matter what type of accusations you are facing, it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney to discuss your case.

  • Armed Robbery – These charges involve accusations of committing a robbery with the use or threatened use of a weapon to inflict bodily injury. The charges may be either state or federal, depending on the circumstances. The potential consequences of a conviction are severe, including significant prison time, heavy fines and electronic monitoring.
  • Assault & Battery – These are actually two separate charges that involve physical harm or threatened physical harm to someone else. Even if no one was hurt, prosecutors may pursue assault and battery charges. A conviction could mean time in prison, anger management classes, probation and a restraining order.
  • Kidnapping – This crime involves taking someone by coercion or force. Although it often involves holding someone for ransom, the charges may also arise in a child custody situation. First-degree kidnapping carries penalties of up to 30 years in prison if the alleged victim is 16 or older. If the victim is under 16 or there are other aggravating circumstances, a conviction may result in a life sentence without parole.
  • Murder and Homicide – Contrary to common belief, murder and homicide actually describe different charges. Murder always involves intent to kill someone, while homicide can be accidental. Courts take both categories very seriously. The rest of your life could be on the line if you face these kinds of charges. Conviction could mean life in prison without parole.

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Aggravated sexual assault is one of the most serious offenses on the books in New Jersey.
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