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Expungement Attorney in New Jersey

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Is your criminal record following you around, hurting your search for work or harming your ability to get a loan? Don’t let what happened in the past define your future. Contact the experienced New Jersey expungement attorney at the Law Office of Jason A. Volet today to discuss your options for the expungement of criminal records.

Although this process can seem tedious and time-consuming, it is worth it, in the long run, to clean up your record as much as possible. As a dedicated defense attorney who has handled more than 2,000 criminal cases, Jason Volet has a thorough understanding of expungement law. As a former Monmouth County prosecutor, he also strongly believes that people should have the chance to start fresh when their case is over.

Expungement Requirements in New Jersey

If you feel that you or a loved one may be eligible to start the expungement process, contact our knowledgeable expungement legal team today to schedule a free case consultation.

How a Skilled NJ Expungement Lawyer Can Speed Up the Process

Our New Jersey expungement lawyers reviewing a case.

You may have heard that you don’t need an NJ expungement attorney for an expungement. Although that is technically true, the New Jersey Courts actually recommend that you hire a lawyer to help you navigate the complicated expungement process.

That’s because there are so many small details and so much paperwork involved, and it’s easy to make a mistake that will cost you time ─ and ultimately money if that expungement is what is standing between you and a new job.

When you trust your case to our experienced New Jersey expungement attorney, we will:

  • Immediately review your situation to determine whether you are eligible for expungement.
  • Quickly gather and file all the necessary paperwork, including the order for expungement, the verified petition signed by you, and copies of judgment of convictions or dispositions.
  • Work to get your court date set and have your order for expungement signed.
  • Contact all the agencies that need to adjust their records to ensure your paperwork is in order and you are ready to move forward when the expungement is complete.

The first step in the expungement process should be to schedule a free consultation with our experienced criminal defense lawyer. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Call or fill out our online contact form to get started today. Our consultations are confidential, and there is no obligation for you.

How do You Qualify for an Expungement in New Jersey?

A New Jersey criminal record being expunged.Not all criminal records can be expunged. For example, convictions for very serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, or even perjury cannot be expunged. Also, motor vehicle offenses such as DUIs cannot be expunged.

There are certain specific eligibility expungement requirements in New Jersey. Eligibility will be different for each person, depending on a variety of factors, including criminal history and the types of crimes to be expunged.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for expungement in New Jersey if:

  • You were convicted of an indictable offense (usually punishable by at least six months of jail time).
  • You were convicted of a disorderly persons offense.
  • You were convicted of a municipal ordinance violation.
  • You have completed drug court or a court-ordered rehabilitation program.
  • You were arrested but acquitted.
  • You were arrested, but the charges against you were dismissed.

Typically, there is a certain amount of time you have to wait before you can be eligible for expungement, and the length of that waiting period will also depend on the type of offense you faced.

To discuss whether you may qualify for expunction, contact our experienced New Jersey expungement lawyer now to go over the details of your case.

How Long Does the Expunction Process Take in New Jersey? 

A New Jersey lawyer going through client's records during an expungement process.Although the amount of time it can take to expunge your record can vary from person to person, having a knowledgeable attorney working on your case can definitely speed up the process.

In general, the attorney will start by tracking down the necessary information to file the proper paperwork with the court. According to the New Jersey Courts’ expungement guide, this includes:

  • The date of your arrest (as an adult) or when you were taken into custody (as a juvenile).
  • The statute and the offense for which you were arrested, taken into custody, convicted, or adjudicated delinquent.
  • The original indictment, accusation, summons, docket number, warrant number, or complaint number.
  • The date of the disposition, which may be the date of the conviction, adjudication of delinquency, not guilty verdict, or dismissal.
  • The punishment or other disposition.

Once your paperwork is done, it can take about three months to set a court date.

Once the expungement order is signed and the attorney has notified all relevant agencies to update their records, it can take an additional 12 weeks to get confirmation that the records are up to date.

What Happens Once My Record Is Expunged?

Ask if you are eligible for expungement in New Jersey.When your record has been expunged, it is effectively hidden from public record, so no future employer or any other person will see it when they run a background check.

An expungement also means that you no longer have to legally disclose a past arrest or conviction on applications that ask such questions.

One caveat is that some government jobs or high-security jobs may require you to indicate that you have an expungement on your record. Also, law enforcement and prosecutors will still be able to access your records in the event that you are accused of a crime in the future.

Don’t Let Your Past Hold You Back.

Let an Experienced Expungement Lawyer NJ Help You Look to the Future.

In his years of working both as a Monmouth County prosecutor and a Freehold criminal defense lawyer, Jason Volet has worked with many people who deserve the right to a clean slate. That’s why he and his dedicated legal team are so passionate about helping both adults and juveniles with expungement cases.

To schedule a free consultation with this experienced NJ expungement lawyer and his skilled legal team, contact The Law Office of Jason A. Volet now by calling or filling out our online contact form.

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If a determination has been made that your record can be expunged, then the necessary paperwork has to be done.
There are a number of factors that will play into whether or not you can have that record expunged.
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