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Property crimes typically involve destructive action against a property or possessions rather than a person. Because the crimes do not directly endanger the well-being of others, many people assume that the penalties may be less severe than other illegal activities. However, property crime convictions may still result in heavy financial and personal penalties in Monmouth County.

If you’ve been accused of a property crime in New Jersey, you need a tough advocate who will fight for your rights. Experienced criminal defense attorney Jason A. Volet stands up for people who are facing all types of property crime charges in New Jersey. His objective is to prevent a conviction and do what is legally possible to secure the best results in your case.

Jason A. Volet has inside knowledge about the prosecution. He saw the system firsthand during his time working as a Monmouth County assistant prosecutor. His understanding of how the prosecution works can provide an advantage to individuals facing property crime charges.

Jason A. Volet’s qualifications include:

  • Certification as a Criminal Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.
  • Over 15 years of experience in handing property crime charges and other criminal charges.
  • Experience as a former assistant prosecutor in Monmouth County.
  • Handling over 2,000 cases as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.
  • A law practice that concentrates only on criminal defense.

If you or a loved one are facing property crime charges in New Jersey, get in touch with Mr. Volet today. He will review the circumstances of your case and advise you about your best legal options. The free initial consultation is completely confidential and carries no further obligations on your part.

Contact Jason A. Volet now for a free evaluation of your case.

Property Crime Charges in New Jersey Require an Expert Property Crime Attorney

Property crimes involve all types of illegal activities that an individual commits against another’s property. The penalties for this type of crime include jail time, fines, and a permanent criminal record. However an experienced attorney may be able to minimize these harmful outcomes or have the case dismissed completely.

  • Burglary – An indictable offense (similar to a felony in some other states), these charges involve illegally entering a structure with intent to commit a crime such as theft or assault. Penalties may be severe if convicted. However, the charges may be completely dismissed if it is shown that any of the four required elements are missing.
  • Criminal Mischief – Damage to someone else’s tangible property is at the root of this type of criminal charge. The dollar value of the damage determines the severity of the crime and the penalties, which could include a prison sentence, fines and community service.
  • Trespassing – Defined as the “unlicensed presence or entry” on someone else’s property, this crime carries penalties including prison time, fines and probation. The sentence may be harsher in cases of “defiant trespassing,” which involves trespassing in violation of posted or verbal notice against trespassing.

No matter what type of charges you are facing, our team of property crime defense lawyers are prepared to speak with you about the specific details regarding your case and your legal options. The Law Office of Man attempts to commit an armed robbery in New Jersey.Jason A. Volet is prepared to help explain your legal options and formulate your defense.

Persons who are facing property crime charges have a right to defend themselves and their livelihood in court. Serious crimes require serious representation. Find out how Jason Volet will do everything possible within the confines of the law to prevent conviction.

Let Our NJ Property Crime Lawyers Defend You

If you or someone you love has been charged with a property crime, including a theft crime, in Freehold or Neptune, it is important to contact the New Jersey property crimes attorneys at The Law Office of Jason A. Volet by phone or online now to discuss your rights and your defense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In New Jersey, a burglary is entering somewhere where you are not licensed or privileged to be with the intent to commit a crime once you are inside.
A first degree armed robbery would leave you facing between 10 and 20 years in state prison.
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