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Forgery and embezzlement are considered white collar crimes, which many people mistakenly believe are only committed in large companies. However, even individuals can be accused of forgery or embezzlement charges and may face serious legal consequences if convicted in Freehold or Neptune, New Jersey. Forgery can be generally defined as creating or using false documents and information, such as credit card information, to deceive another person. Embezzlement is the misappropriation of funds or assets with which you have been entrusted, such as knowingly transferring funds into the incorrect account, and then disguising the action.

Penalties for Forgery & Embezzlement

White collar crimes tend to involve large amounts of money, so they are handled severely by New Jersey courts. Some of the possible penalties for a conviction of forgery or embezzlement include:

  • Maximum of 5 years in prison
  • Maximum of $10,000 fine
  • Loss of professional licensure

These penalties often vary based on the amount of money that was involved and the number of offenses previously committed. Regardless of the circumstances in your case, however, being represented by a knowledgeable and tenacious criminal defense attorney can be of tremendous importance.

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